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Larry Orahood: U.C. Santa Barbara Grad - 1979

Federally Licensed to Represent Taxpayers
Admitted to Practice before the I. R. S. in 1986
California Society Of Enrolled Agents | We are THE IRS (Federal) Tax & State Tax Experts & Tax Professionals
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Taxpayers' Tax Expert | Licensed to practice before the IRS | THE Tax Professional | Enrolled Agent, EA | We Speak Tax
What is a EA?
Enrolled to represent taxpayers before the IRS | enrolled to practice before the IRS | admitted to practice before the IRS | Enrolled Agent: federally-licensed tax practitioner
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Larry Orahood (Business Management Services - BMS) Mmeber of the California Society of Enrolled Agents Larry Orahood, EA (Enrolled Agent) Licensed to Practice Before The Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.)

The California Society of Enrolled Agents (CSEA) is a mutual benefit, nonprofit organization whose Members are tax experts dedicated to the promotion of the Enrolled Agent (EA) designation & EAs as The Tax Professionals. CSEA is the preeminent Society for EAs & is one of the largest professional organizations of EAs in the U.S., with affiliates & associates in nearly every state & Japan. The annual Super Seminar� is one of the largest & most respected tax education programs in the nation. Together with the National Association of Enrolled Agents, CSEA maintains an active voice in both state & federal tax legislation & has contributed directly to many of the changes to tax laws & regulations over the years.

We Speak Tax | Enrolled Agents | The Taxpayers' Tax Expert | 'Top Guns' of the tax profession

EAs are individuals licensed by the federal government (U.S. Department of Treasury) to represent taxpayers before the IRS.  EAs differ from other tax professionals because they're the only practitioners required to demonstrate competence specifically in matters of taxation before they may represent taxpayers. They're the only taxpayer representatives who receive that right from the U.S. government - CPAs & attorneys are licensed by the individual states.
Enrollment dates back to 1884, when Congress acted to regulate persons representing citizens in their dealings with the Treasury Dept, after questionable claims had been presented for Civil War losses. EAs have earned the privilege of practicing, that is, representing taxpayers, before the IRS & like attorneys & CPAs, are unrestricted as to which taxpayers they can represent, what types of tax matters they can handle, & which IRS offices they can practice before.
Unlike lawyers or CPAs, EAs specialize in taxation.  Throughout the year they advise, represent & prepare returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates, trusts & any entities with tax-reporting requirements. In California, for example, the more than 4,000 members of the CSEA prepare almost 2,000,000 tax returns each year. EAs' expertise in the constantly changing field of tax law enables them to be effective representatives when taxpayers are audited by the IRS.

Over the years, an average of ⅓ of individuals taking the exam have passed, allowing them to apply for enrollment & subject themselves to a background investigation. In addition to the stringent testing & application process, EAs are required to earn 72 hours of continuing professional education, reported every 3 years, to maintain their status. Because of the difficulty in becoming enrolled & maintaining that enrollment, there are fewer than 34,000 EAs in the U.S. In contrast, there are about 375,000 CPAs nationwide.

The California Society of Enrolled Agents requires each Member to adhere to a strict Code of Ethics:

► Members & Associates will, in personal & public life, strive to enhance the status of EAs & promote their qualifications to serve the public.
► Members & Associates will demonstrate honesty, integrity & objectivity in all of their professional actions & relationships.
► Members & Associates will continually strive to improve their competence by keeping informed & educated about tax practice & representation.
► Members & Associates will maintain the confidentiality of professional relationships.
► Members & Associates will support all efforts to advance the reputation & prestige of the EA license.
► Members & Associates will so conduct themselves & their practices that they remain in compliance with the most current provisions of Treasury
         Department Circular 230 & the NAEA Rules of Professional Conduct.

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Welcome to Your Tax Problems Solver & IRS Tax Expert for Federal & State Tax Relief & Settlement

Tax Problems?
we give you more than a tax service.
--  Professional Tax Return Preparation, Individual Partnership, Corporate & Multi-State Returns.
--  Tax Planning & Advice
--  Small Business Counseling Specialist
--  Easy-to-Use Record Keeping Systems
--  Complete Payroll Services

Business Management Services - BMS
Larry Orahood, EA (Enrolled Agent)
Licensed to Practice Before The Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.)

We Speak Tax | Enrolled Agents | The Taxpayers' Tax Expert

Don't Mess With Taxes.
Tired of making mistakes on your taxes because of the ever changing tax laws?
Does your business suffer all year because your tax person didn't fully understand the latest complex tax codes?
Then you may need professional help.
When tax laws & regulations become more complex & confusing each time they are "simplified", it's time to hire on the "Top Guns" of the tax profession... an Enrolled Agent in the USA.
My name is Larry Orahood (Business Management Services - BMS) & I'm proud to be one of them.
"We Speak Tax" is a professional, accredited tax & financial Office dedicated to working tirelessly for our clients no matter what their financial situation may be.
Call us, we can help & by the way... we don't mess around.

Automated Payroll Service
Each pay period all a business has to do is fax, call or e-mail their payroll hours & changes & we'll prepare:
--  Payroll Checks
--  Employee Earnings Statements
--  Payroll Journals
--  Departmental Earnings & Deductions Summary

For every deposit period, we notify you of amounts & due dates for federal, state & local payroll tax deposits.
--  Federal Deposit for Coupon 8109
--  State Withholding Payments
--  Local Deposits, as required

On a quarterly basis, we pre4pare the following on the actual government returns - ready for your signature:
--  841 Quarterly Returns
--  State Quarterly Wage Return
--  Deposit for Federal Unemployment Insurance, Coupon 8109

On an annual basis, we send you balanced, reconciled & ready to file:
--  Employee & Employer W-2's
--  W-3 recap of Federal Withholding
--  Recap of Local & State Withholding
--  940 Federal Unemployment Insurance Return
--  Plus, all the Supporting Detail for the Year's Payroll

If you pay taxes & you're unsure what an Enrolled Agent is, here are a few questions to ask your tax preparer:
1) What makes Enrolled Agents the "Tax Professionals"?
2) How does an Enrolled Agent differ from other tax preparers?
3) How do I know I'm getting an Enrolled Agent & not just an accountant who only does taxes 3 (three) months a year?
Ask these questions to find the right tax person for you.

I provide accounting & tax services to businesses.

--  Taxes
--  Corporations
--  Electronic Tax Filing
--  S-Corporations
--  Individual Tax Planning
--  Partnerships
--  Individual Federal & State Tax Preparation

I offer standard tax preparation, filing your tax return as well as accounting services.

I provide the following tax services to businesses: tax planning, federal & state tax preparation & standard & electronic tax filing.

Additional Services
--  Corporations
--  Electronic Tax Filing
--  S-Corporations
--  Individual Tax Planning
--  Partnerships
--  Individual Federal & State Tax Preparation